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    June's earliest memories are filled with singing. In fact she cannot remember a time when she was not using her voice to inspire and enthral audiences. Originating from Leyte in the Philippines, June sang at every opportunity, either in competitions or in performances for family and friends until eventually her career took flight and her talent met audiences that spanned the globe.

    Having a trophy case filled with medals and awards for her voice, June's life has been dedicated to the artform, totally encompassing a career in music and performance. She has been the lead singer in a number of 7 and 8 piece show bands that toured the world with rigorous performance schedules. She has appeared in concerts and on television in
    Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand as well as performing intimate singing recitals in Australia.
    June's diverse range of styles are enhanced by her ability to sing in English, Tagalog and Japanese.

    After completing her Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a major in Management, June was inspired to gain formal qualifications in singing teaching. In 2005 she completed her Diploma of VoicePower coaching at Dreamquest Voice Academy in Australia and has since returned to her home base at Singapore to begin teaching.

    June's motto is, "The 3Ds of singing success; Determination, Discipline and Dedication!"

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