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" How VoicePower Relaxation for Singers will help you become a supremely relaxed singer at the press of a button - guaranteed!"

by Melissiah. Grad Dip Music, ATCL. CEO Dreamquest, Melbourne, Australia


I know you dream of becoming the best singer you possibly can. Your innermost desire is to sing with ease and confidence and tame those pesky performance nerves.

Can you imagine how exhilarating it would feel to sing without fear or doubt?

VoicePower Relaxation for Singers is tailor made for singers just like you - to help you melt away unnecessary tension and step boldly onto the stage in a relaxed state of mind. How? All you need to do is listen!


If I were to tell you now that you could get up on stage and feel relaxed and natural you'd probably laugh. It doesn't matter how many times someone tells you to calm down before a performance, those butterflies, jittery nerves, shaking knees and sweaty palms always come back. Well, that's about to change.

VoicePower Relaxation for Singers holds the key to pre-performance relaxation. It is specifically designed to calm you and relax your feelings of anxiety, nervousness and fear before stepping out onto the stage.

Let's take a sneak preview of what's on offer before I explain how its done.

Hint - Before you listen to sneak preview #1, plug in a pair of headphones to your computer. Get comfortable in your chair, press the play button and close your eyes.

"The CD was fantastic and very relaxing. I would highly recommend the CD to any singer who finds it difficult to relax." - Nadine Rivers

Sneak Preview #1
VoicePower Relaxation for Singers

FREE YOUR MIND AND BODY IN JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY WITH Wavelength Immersion Technology™

As you listened to sneak preview #1, you may have noticed certain rhythmic or beating sounds pulsing below the soft hush of the ocean. These rhythms combined with the Ocean Soundscape and Guided Suggestions make up the heart of Wavelength Immersion Technology™. Three powerful audio layers merged together to help you fulfill your dreams;

  • Guided Suggestions - Carefully tested words and phrases
    train your mind to build and maintain relaxation while singing.

  • Specific Sound Frequencies - Scientifically researched brain wave frequencies guide your awareness towards deep relaxation, helping you achieve an accelerated level of learning.

  • 3D Nature Soundscape - Beautiful ocean wave sounds (recorded in 3D sound) melt away stress while guiding your journey to greater depths.

By themselves each of these three components can produce considerable relaxation. Combined together, however, as in Wavelength Immersion Technology™ the power of each component is multiplied allowing you to experience massive benefits.

What's more, on each VoicePower Relaxation for Singers CD, there are THREE DIFFERENT audio versions of Wavelength Immersion Technology, allowing you to choose the version which works BEST for you!

All this while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed - you only have to listen!


Your brain is the most amazing supercomputer ever designed! It operates neuro-electrically. Basically this means that your brain cells 'talk' to each other through little electrical firings or pulses that can be measured with an EEG. Years of scientific research have allowed us to categorize these brainwave patterns into four distinct categories (Hz = Hertz = cycles/pulses per second) each relating to a specific state of mind.

Everyday you would naturally experience these brainwave patterns. Talking on the telephone, you'd probably be in the beta state, relaxing in front of the TV after work you'd probably enter alpha state, and if you woke up in the morning with a fantastic idea or a problem solved, it probably happened in theta. So what's all this got to do with performance anxiety? The answer is EVERYTHING.

Brain waves Frequency HZ General Effect on Mental State
Beta 13 - 40 Alertness, peak concentration, learning, interaction, hand -eye coordination.
Alpha 7 - 13 Relaxation, visualization, creative energy, fear reduction, stress reduction, positive thinking, sense of well being, light meditation, super-learning.
Theta 4 - 7

Deep meditation, stress reduction, creativity, gateway to learning and memory, inspiration, intuition, comprehension of advanced concepts and relationships, awakens ESP skills, rejuvenation of the fatigued brain.

Delta 0.1 - 4 Deep sleep, healing, regeneration, deep trance state, pain relief, accelerated language retention.

Specific brain wave frequencies have been successful in treating ADD, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, hypertension and even alcoholism. Scientific studies have also concluded that levels of DHEA and Melatonin, potent anti-stress and anti-aging biochemicals can be increased by specific brain wave frequencies. But the most exciting thing about using brain wave frequencies is the safety factor. This technology has been used safely by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide for over 25 years!

Looking at the chart above, you'll notice alpha and theta states let you access states of relaxation, fear/stress reduction, creative energy and increased learning ability. Isn't this what every singer and performer in the world desires? What if you could train your mind to enter these beneficial mental states at will? What if you could summon alpha and theta states without lengthy meditation sessions or resorting to alcohol or drugs?

The gentle rhythmic sounds you heard on the sneak preview of VoicePower Relaxation for Singers allows your mind to enter alpha and theta states quickly and safely. Once in these states your subconscious mind is primed for learning, leading to a myriad of exciting possibilities.

Hint - Before you listen to sneak preview #2, plug in a pair of headphones to your computer. Get comfortable in your chair, press the play button and close your eyes.

"It was beneficial not only for focusing on my voice but also a great stress relief in general and promoted a sense of well-being. The CD also helped me to focus a lot more during singing practice and provides tools to help with confidence and performance." - Danielle

Sneak Preview #2
VoicePower Relaxation for Singers


As you listened to sneak preview #2 you may have experienced just how powerful your own imagination is in helping you relax. If you noticed even the smallest change in your body or thoughts, just imagine how powerful this change would be if it were cultivated on a daily basis. Exciting isn't it!

VoicePower Relaxation for Singers works by relaxing your body and your conscious mind. When this happens, your subconscious mind can be stimulated to create amazing skills. VoicePower Relaxation for Singers makes it possible to become the singer you desire to be - easily, quickly and safely.

Think of the last time you saw a really good singer. They seemed to make it look so easy! Those incredible notes they were singing just seemed to float out of their body without any straining or undue tension. The truth is, singing is easy! And it can be this easy for you.

By listening to VoicePower Relaxation for Singers for just 20 minutes daily, your mind and body will begin to make powerful associations between singing and relaxing. The longer you use the program the stronger this singing-relaxing association will become. We've now come to the last and most important sneak preview.

Hint - Before you listen to sneak preview #3, plug in a pair of headphones to your computer. Get comfortable in your chair, press the play button and close your eyes.

"I've listened to other self help CDs but this CD felt like it went right through my body and mind. It has made me feel more confident and relaxed. Thank You!"- Lynette Mellado

Sneak Preview #3
VoicePower Relaxation for Singers


If you noticed just the tiniest bit of relaxation after listening to these 3 sneak previews, imagine the level of relaxation you would feel after experiencing the complete program.

I'm so confident of the effectiveness of VoicePower Relaxation for Singers, I'm giving you 30 days to try out the product!

Our research has demonstrated that VoicePower Relaxation for Singers continues to enhance relaxation levels long beyond the first 30 day period.

In fact VoicePower Relaxation for Singers showed the greatest effectiveness when used daily for a 90 day period. If for any reason however, you decide during the first 30 days you don't want VoicePower Relaxation for Singers, then you will receive a full refund.

enlarge front cover

"It made me feel very relaxed and drift off." - Linda R.

Because the daily program takes only 20 minutes, it's perfect for singers with even the most hectic schedules. Some are even taking their VoicePower Relaxation for Singers to rehearsals, gigs and concerts. These singers have reported that a quick listening session before they're due on stage has created powerful and noticeable improvements in their performances!

How much is it worth to you to achieve relaxation as a singer? How much would you be prepared to pay to skyrocket your self esteem, accelerate your vocal ability and develop true confidence?

I'd like this program to be available to as many singers as possible, so I'm prepared to offer you VoicePower Relaxation for Singers at the incredible price of
AUS $24.95!

Plus postage and handling $9.95 per order worldwide.
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Saying 'YES' to this offer could be one of the most important decisions you ever make as a singer. And if you wait any longer you could miss out on incredible opportunities.

Once you've discovered new-found freedom with VoicePower Relaxation for Singers, just imagine the possibilities that will become available to you!

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