"How to become a world-class singer and performer with Dreamquest - explode into the music scene with our industry qualifications!"

by Melissiah. Grad Dip Music, ATCL, International vocal coach Dreamquest, Australia

In today's world it's more important than ever that if you want to be an accomplished singer you choose your educational provider wisely. You don't want to waste time and money on ineffective or outdated vocal training. We understand that you want a qualification that is highly relevant to the music industry and we know you expect big results.

The Dreamquest grading and qualification structure reflects the expectations of the music industry. Our 10 step grading system, beginning with the preliminary First Performance Certificate and culminating with the Diploma of Singing provides you with essential skills, experience and knowledge for exciting potential career paths. Each step of the way offers the opportunity to increase your skill as a singer with measurable and attainable results.

Level of Skill Certificate Potential Career Paths
Entry First Performance Certificate Introduction to live performance for beginners
Foundation Level 1 Singing  
Level 2 Singing  
Level 3 Singing  
Certificate I Singing Karaoke champion/ amateur musician/ backing singer in professional band
Intermediate Level 5 Singing  
Level 6 Singing  
Certificate II Singing Professional (paid) musician
Advanced Level 8 Singing  
Level 9 Singing  
Diploma of Singing World-class professional musician / recording artist / international engagements
Diploma of VoicePower Coaching Operate own Dreamquest Voice Academy Franchise. Recording opportunities and ongoing performances.

Entry Level
First Performance Certificate - 1 or preferably 2 songs to be performed. Functions as a preliminary step before further levels are undertaken.

Foundation level
- 2 songs performed per concert.
Certificate I Singing - 3 songs to be performed one of which the singer is backup or sings harmonies with another student. A minimum of 1 song must be performed from memory.

Intermediate level - 3 songs performed per concert.
Certificate II Singing - 25 - 30 minute recital/performance and compering of 1 set of the talent show. A minimum of 3 songs must be performed from memory.

Advanced level - 4 songs performed per concert.
Diploma of Singing - 35 - 40 minute recital/performance. All songs must be performed from memory. Written program notes to be printed for the audience.

*To be graded on any level the student must satisfactorily complete all requirements for that level, complete any prerequisites and meet the minimum standards described in the Singing Progress Chart. Certificates will be presented only to successful candidates.


Yes! Credit is given to previous vocal studies through another teacher or school. Therefore you will certainly not be treated like a beginner if you join Dreamquest. As a new student, your voice will be initially assessed and VoicePower training tailored to your level of achievement. Basic concepts of VoicePower will also be introduced to allow greater understanding of more advanced exercises.

Students who perform exceptionally well in gradings are permitted to skip a number of levels, however prerequisites apply for some grades.

Grading Level Grading Prerequisites Group Class Prerequisites
Level 2 Singing   Minimum 4 months attendance
Certificate I Singing First Performance Certificate Minimum 4 months attendance
Certificate II Singing Certificate I Singing Minimum 4 months attendance

Diploma of Singing

Certificate II Singing  


Developmental stages of the singing voice through the study of VoicePower.

Approx. timeframe for each stage Award at end of stage Age limits

Entry Level

Correct use of the body leading to relaxed and free voice production
Clear and audible vocal tone

Smoothing of vocal registers

Clear diction
Developing sense of rhythm
Interpretation through phrasing and dynamics
Increasing sense of confidence
Awakening emotional awareness


4 - 12
First Performance Certificate

No age
limits apply

Foundation Level

Clear, audible and even vocal tone
Increasing reliability of intonation
Greater understanding of phrasing/dynamics
Awareness of musical style
Secure rhythm
Appropriate use of body to convey emotion
Emerging awareness of interpretation




16 - 20 months Certificate I
Minimum recommended age 13 years
Intermediate Level

Assured control of tone quality
Secure intonation
Confident technical command
Instinctive use of phrasing/dynamics
Increasing awareness of emotional subtlety
Greater stylistic attention
Developing sense of musical communication
12 - 16 months Certificate II
Minimum recommended age 16 years

Advanced Level

Supreme fluency
Technical security
Authoritive control of tone and vocal features
Distinctive musical personality
Stylistic insight
Maturity of interpretation
Mastery of communication

12 months
Diploma of
Minimum recommended age 20 years

Minimum age requirements are recommended due to the care required in training the developing voice. Higher levels of training also require an increasing sense of emotional maturity. Junior certificates will be awarded at the completion of each stage if the student is below the minimum recommended age.

*To maintain an advanced level of vocal ability, ongoing VoicePower lessons, a committed practice schedule and ongoing performances are highly recommended.

Please note - The singing progress chart is intended as a guide only, and is based on a regular and committed VoicePower practise schedule. Progress may be hindered in students who smoke, are heavy drinkers, take recreational drugs, suffer debilitating health or mental problems, suffer from voice disorders or engage in voice abuse - ie yelling, screaming cheerleading. In these instances singing improvement cannot be guaranteed.


There are a number of singing teachers currently advertising how to become a pro singer in a matter of months or even weeks. This is highly misleading and unethical.

The ability levels and approximate timeframes given in the Singing Progress Chart are based on years of teaching experience and are equivalent to assessment levels used by national and international music examination boards. If you are a beginner it will most likely take you between 3 1/2 - 5 years to become an advanced singer. It would be extremely rare that any singer reach an advanced level of skill before the timeframes indicated in the Singing Progress Chart. Therefore if any teacher or school promises they can train you in a faster time please be wary.

VoicePower is about helping YOU reach YOUR greatest potential.
Lessons are designed for you to enjoy the JOURNEY as much as the DESTINATION!

"Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's level of aspiration and expectation."

Jack Nicklaus, American Champion Golfer.

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