"How to become a world-class singer and performer with Dreamquest - we answer all your frequently asked questions."

by Melissiah. Grad Dip Music, ATCL, International vocal coach and CEO Dreamquest, Australia


How old do you have to be to join your school?
At Dreamqest we teach people from 6 to 86! Our VoicePower training program is tailored to meet the needs of

  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

Do you teach complete beginners?
Yes! Complete beginners including adult or mature age beginners are most welcome.

How do I get my free audition?
After you fill in our online enrolment form which will help you identify your singing goals and dreams we will call you for your free audition. This audition is actually conducted over the phone by one of our teachers. You will be requested to sing a couple of lines of a song - perhaps your favourite song or maybe even the National Anthem or Happy Birthday.

There is no reason to get nervous or embarrassed during your phone audition as our teachers are very experienced and they have listened to all kinds of voices and all styles of singing. By doing a phone audition your teacher will get a good idea of the level of talent you have already achieved, the potential in your voice and what to prepare for your first lesson.

If you get too nervous over the phone to audition as sometimes happens, that's ok. We'll understand that you're a beginner and take you right from the start in your very first lesson.

I think I'm tone deaf as I can't sing in tune? Could I ever become a singer?
Singing in tune requires precise ear/larynx (voicebox) coordination. This is a learnt skill that will develop during your training.

I'm a good singer but I get really nervous in front of other people. Can I get over this?
This is actually quite a common complaint among many singers - inexperienced, experienced and even the well known and famous. At Dreamquest we successfully treat singing phobia, performance anxiety and even panic attack relating to getting onstage and singing in public.

During your training you will be introduced to BodySync - a somatics training which will show you how to gain much greater awareness and control of the voluntary muscles - some 630 of them - in the body. BodySync has proven itself to be a powerful tool for singers in the development of body and mind control.

In addition to this we also have an educational CD - VoicePower Relaxation for Singers - that will show you how to reduce tension and develop even greater confidence in yourself and your ability.

Do you have a list of students you have taught?
Yes we do but it's private! Client confidentiality is very important to us and our students and we do not divulge personal details of students to third parties. We offer real proof of the success of our teaching method by our mp3 student testimonials on the home page.

Is it best to have private lessons or group lessons?
It's good to do both. When you initially enrol, you may be first given several private lessons to learn the basics of good technique. After this you will be placed in a small group class of students of similar ability.

There are many reasons for learning in a group class. Firstly, you actually learn FASTER in the group environment as you will be able to hear and observe the training of other individuals. Secondly you will also learn how to improvise and sing harmonies with other students. Thirdly you will develop your confidence and performing skills by singing in front of others on a weekly basis.
Group classes are also a prerequisite to many of our grading levels.

Intermediate and advanced singers will also find both private lessons and group lessons beneficial.

What sort of style will I learn?
As well as learning a healthy and safe vocal technique, you will learn the style of singing that you wish to master. For some students this will be pop or rock, musical theatre, rnb, jazz, gospel or one of the many other styles that exist. Some students choose to learn classical singing or opera, which also involes the study of languages other than English.

How much does it cost?
Here are our fees for both our Australian and Singapore Singing Schools.

Do you give any sort of discounts?
We believe our term fees are very reasonable. Our term fees have been calculated to enable people of all walks of life to attend, and to pay our teachers fairly, who have studied for many years. We are able to offer two discounts however;

Can I just try a one-off lesson to see if I like it?
We generally discourage people from taking just one lesson to see if they like it. Becoming a good singer takes time, dedication and discipline - not just one lesson.

We generally recommend enrolling for a term of lessons (one month) to get an idea of our training program. Casual lessons are available however but fees are higher than for regular term fees.

What hapens after I complete a month of lessons?
After you complete a month of lessons you will be automatically enrolled in the nex term of lessons.

What sort of songs will I get to sing in lessons?
At Dreamquest we are focused on helping you develop the style of singing that interests you along with learning songs that you like.

When you choose a song to learn please check with your teacher that the song is suitable for both your voice and level of ability. It is important that you bring your backing tracks - music CDs without the singing on them - to all your lessons so your teacher can coach you with the songs you wish to learn.

How long do I need to attend lessons?
This varies from person to person, and will depend on your personal goals as a singer. Most students stay for between 3 and 5 years. By studying with us for this length of time you can expect to become a highly accomplished or world-class singer.

When will I get to sing in student concerts?
You will be permitted to participate in a student concerts once you;

  • have shown good lesson attendance
  • show consistent improvement through home practice
  • bring your backing CDs to every lesson
  • are able to sing reasonably well in tune

Is it better that I get singing qualifications by doing exams or performing in Dreamquest student concerts?
We strongly believe that the qualifications you receive by completing the various levels in our student concert gradings are much more relevant to today's world than the qualifications obtained from singing exams.

Singing exams involve singing to an examiner in an otherwise empty room. You will usually have to choose the songs from set song lists. There is no applause or feedback from the examiner as they will be making notes about your performance. Exam fees are often expensive (in the hundreds of dollars) and you may also need to pay an accompanist.

Singing in Dreamquest student concerts gives you relevant industry experience as you will be singing live to an audience in a venue.
The $30 concert fee is very affordable and you are encouraged to bring your family and friends along. DVD footage is available after the concert to review your performance. You will also receive a written report along with a grading certificate.

Even though some of our teachers have completed singing or music exams with AMEB, ANZCA or Trinity College, teachers recommend Dreamquest concert gradings as a much more enjoyable and relevant option.

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