Our promise of the best singing tuition money can buy
The Dreamquest Guarantee

It is our goal to raise the quality of life of our students in every way. We pledge to make your singing journey as fun, exciting and educating as possible. We are going to monitor your progress closely and be with you every step of the way. Your consistency in the classes and our instruction will help you achieve your dreams.

The first three months of your training will require you to be patient, consistent and determined. We know that you can do it.

"Do you wish to excel as a singer in all areas? Do you wish to eliminate your voice problems? Do you wish for greater confidence? By following the VoicePower™ program and recommendations we guarantee improvement will be obtained in all singing attributes. This level of improvement is detailed in 'The Singing Progress Chart' which explains the developmental stages of the singing voice and the approximate timeframes for each stage."

Dreamquest recommends that:

1. You be punctual for your lessons.

2. You provide your own sheet music and/or backing tracks and bring them to EACH lesson.

3. You provide a cassette tape at the start of each lesson to tape the lesson or use a digital recorder.

4. You make an honest effort to build on your abilities by regular and disciplined daily practice according to what is learned in each lesson.

5. The amount of daily practise time will be determined by your teacher. For a beginner 30 minutes practise time daily with 1 or 2 days of rest every week is adequate.

6. For safety reasons you DO NOT practice to lesson tapes whilst driving.

7. You prepare for and perform in student concert gradings when requested by the teacher.

Please note - This guarantee is valid only whilst the student is enrolled in Dreamquest. Progress may be hindered in students who smoke, are heavy drinkers, take recreational drugs, suffer debilitating health or mental problems, suffer from voice disorders or engage in voice abuse - ie yelling, screaming cheerleading. In these instances singing improvement cannot be guaranteed.

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