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1. The style(s) of singing I would like to master are;

Pop Rock  Jazz Blues 
RnB  Gospel  Metal     Musical theatre
Classical Baroque Choral  Other 

2. The level(s) of talent I desire:
Amateur singer
Professional (paid) singer
Australian idol
Record a CD
Signed to a record label
Dreamquest VoicePower coach
The best I can possibly be

3. The main goals I dream of are:

4. I would like to achieve:
Dynamic confidence and self belief
Fabulous stage
An inner sense of calm and happiness
A stronger voice
A better sounding voice
More breath control
Singing in key
Greater vocal projection
Eliminate sore throat after/during singing

Smooth transition between registers
Bigger and better high notes
Increased vocal range
My own distinctive sound and style
The ability to improvise
All of the above!

5. My commitment to reaching my full potential as a singer - on a scale of 1 - 10 is;

6. I am aware that talent is achieved through knowledge, hard work and persistence!
Yes No

7. I would best describe my voice as;

8. I have previously attended singing lessons
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9. I attended lessons for;

10. I am prepared to participate in regular singing practice outside of lesson times;
Yes No

11. The studio I would like to enrol in;
Frankston, Melbourne
Dulwich Hill, Sydney

12 . I suffer from excessive nerves or performance anxiety with singing.
Yes - go to next question No


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VoicePower Relaxation for Singers CD.

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