Student Concerts & Performance Opportunities

If you'd love to gain experience singing in front of a live audience and have lots of fun you've come to the right place! Dreamquest student concerts are your gateway to the world. As a student you'll be eligible to participate in 3 concerts throughout the year AND receive grading certificates.* For many of you, singing in student concerts will prepare you for fabulous careers as professional singers. And unlike boring music exams, Dreamquest concerts are open to friends, family and the general public - just like a real live music venue.

Following the recommendations given in our Guarantee, you can expect both your voice and each concert performance to improve. How exciting is that! After your first concert you will receive your First Performance Certificate. The sky's the limit after that - picture yourself continually improving until you become a world-class singer and receive your Dreamquest Diploma of Singing! Whatever level of talent you wish to achieve we'll be with you every step of the way.

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Choosing the right repertoire
Stage presentation
Microphone technique
Song delivery, interpretation and expression
Building confidence
Extremely effective techniques to reduce stage-fright
Creating rapport with the audience

*Dreamquest concerts are of a non-competitive nature, although students must have attained a suitable standard to be permitted to perform in each concert. This will be determined by your teacher. Please read our concert guidelines for students below.

Please note
- Grading concerts are currently held only in Melbourne.

1. Song choice
The audience would prefer to hear you breeze through a song that is easy for you to sing than struggle through a song that is beyond your level of skill (technically and/or emotionally) or outside your vocal range. Please remember that in each different voice category - from bass to soprano there are more sub categories ranging from lyric to dramatic. Therefore if you have a light or lyric voice - children included - please choose songs that are not for more dramatic voices. Ask your teacher if you are unsure about whether a song is suitable for you.

Singing songs that are unsuitable for your voice type can cause vocal damage.
Singing songs that are designed for your voice type wil help your voice develop to its maximum potential.

2. Preparation
Dreamquest holds 3 concerts every year. If you'd like to perform in the next concert start preparing NOW! Backing tracks can sometimes take many weeks to order. Once you have them, please bring your backing tracks to every lesson. PLEASE DO NOT BRING CDS TO YOUR LESSON IF THEY HAVE VOCALS ON THEM - ie ORDINARY CDS. Singing along to someone else's vocals does little to develop your own voice and is wasting your lesson time.

3. Professionalism
As Dreamquest concerts are open to the public it is very unprofessional to cancel your appearance once you have submitted your concert form and your name has been printed on the program.

By deciding not to performa at the last minute you are letting down the school, your fellow performers and the audience..
It is normal to feel some performance anxiety before a show. Focus on how you'll feel when you step off stage - IT'S ALL WORTH IT!

4. Certificates
Depending on the level of grading, a certain number of songs must be performed to be eligible for a certificate. This is to enable students to graduate from Dreamquest (Diploma of Singing) with a large enough repertoire to work as professional musicians. Students also must not perform songs they have performed in previous concerts. Please visit the following link for further information. Certificates and Singing Progress Chart

5. Stage Attire
Whilst you should definitely dress to impress, please make sure that you feel comfortable with your choosen clothing and footwear. Outfits that are tight and restrictive along with very high heel shoes will cause you to feel uncomfortable on stage. A note for parents; Dreamquest concerts are not beauty pageants - please dress your children as children - not as adults.

6. Promotion

Getting up on stage and singing is a huge achievement, so tell all your family and friends to come along and support you! Be prepared to have lots of fun, meet your fellow students and make new friends and fans. See you there!



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