Welcome to the Dreamquest team! We are an Australian business established in 1996 now expanded internationally into Singapore. Dreamquest is not affiliated with any religious or political organisations.

At Dreamquest Voice Academy we teach students how to sing correctly, powerfully and beautifully, using their entire body, mind and soul. The way we have developed our VoicePower singing methodology is through science and research. The way we help students develop their talent is through fun, commitment and passion. Through our Diploma of VoicePower Coaching, teachers gain the necessary skills and knowledge to promote the fact we are truly 'born to sing'.

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Dreamquest is making an effort to reduce our impact on the environment. Where possible all printed material is done on recycled or plantation pulp fibre. Our extensive website also cuts down the need for printed documentation.

At our student concerts we do not use disposable cups or plates thus reducing the need for landfill. Where possible drink and food containers are recycled. Our concert catering also provides for vegetarians or those on special diets.


Our stats confirm we receive over 500 hits on the Dreamquest website every day. This amounts to well over 15 000 visitors per month! Our top search ranking in Australia in the major search engines is due to the comprehensive nature of our site with regard to singing.

Our popularity is based on help rather than hype. More than ever, singers want access to accurate and relevant information about their voice, music careers and general industry advice.


Funds raised from Dreamquest concerts support worthwhile organisations. Through the Animis Foundation we have sponsored endangered species the snow leopard and Prezwalski horse. We also support Amnesty International. Please click on images for further information. We thank you for your continued support.

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