"How to become a world-class singer and performer - discover your singing talent, your stage presence and your possibilities. RESULTS GUARANTEED!!"

by Melissiah. Grad Dip Music, ATCL, International vocal coach and CEO Dreamquest, Australia


"VoicePower has given me the vision of fulfilling all my dreams and being able to practise every week, feel good, confident . . . it's not just vocalises - it's an entertainment, it's the culture. The whole ambiance gives you the best feel and that you can be anything you want to be."

Shari -
Canadian singer & recording artist

"You were born to sing! Can you imagine the feeling of being able to sing anything you wanted - pop, RnB, rock, metal, country, musical theatre, opera or any other style? Hear how perfect your voice sounds, and what others will say! Imagine yourself having the confidence to perform in front of family and friends or on stage! VoicePower lessons CAN make your singing dreams come true.

I personally invite you to join me in making a huge transformation in your life - whether you're a complete beginner or you've been singing all your life. As a student of VoicePower you can expect to develop your voice to its greatest potential. You will also be able to intrinsically understand the bodily and emotional mechanisms involved in vocal sound production. Even if you've never sung a note in your life - VoicePower will unleash your songbird!"  

VoicePower is so successful that results are guaranteed in writing. Knowledge is Power. VoicePower.

"Just like other professional singers I also need to improve and maintain my voice. Melissiah helped me so much with those needs. She is the best teacher I ever had and she certainly knows what she's teaching."

June -
Filipina performer & recording artist


Did you know that a 2 minute program of simple physical activities can help you learn singing much more effectively? Sound too good to be true? These
exercises have been scientifically shown to improve learning abilities, memory, concentration, reading skills, writing, athletic skills and well being.

STOP! If your current music teacher isn't using these exercises you're just not getting VALUE FOR MONEY. VoicePower integrates these exercises to radically boost your singing progress. You'll also learn further movements that have been shown to reduce performance anxiety so you can be your best on stage!


"VoicePower has done more than just help me with my singing. There's just been so many handy little techniques passed on to me and it's a genuine interest in my singing that I value. The positive approach and that genuine feeling that I get transferred to me leaves me with an expanded inner self and I think that leads to a person feeling a lot more worthwhile about themselves - it certainly has in my case."

Rosemary -
Melbourne wedding and function singer

Over the years I've met many singers with excellent voices but no stage presence. Many of these singers went through all the so called 'right moves' on stage but failed to create a connection with their audience. I've also met countless singers who had trained for years but unfortunately lacked the personal attributes required for a successful career.

I needed to help these singers, and it was obvious they needed more than just ordinary singing lessons to succeed. I needed to show them the tools that would help create lasting and extraordinary personal transformations.

My VoicePower program has been forged through over fifteen years of intense research and development to help singers of all ages, levels AND singing styles.

If you're ready to become an awesome singer, a brilliant performer AND reach your personal goals then you MUST join the VoicePower program.


"VoicePower beats other singing schools hands down, or tonsils down in their case."

Sally -
Queensland musical theatre performer and gospel enthusiast

It is 'easy to sing well' according to Dame Nellie Melba (Australia's first truly successful singer) and VoicePower will show you just how easy it really is. In VoicePower each letter of 'MELBA' stands for a specific area of training. Within lessons, you will unravel the fascinating mysteries of each MELBA component. You'll also start to understand what an utterly amazing instrument your own unique voice is.

  • Mouth
  • Emotions
  • Larynx
  • Breath/breath support
  • Attitude

Can you see why I'm so excited! Why not test yourself now and just see how easy it is to remember each MELBA component?!


"Since learning the VoicePower method I feel my voice has improved 100%. I always feel fantastic after I leave a lesson and it just goes to show that you're never too old to start - I'm actually nearly fifty although I wish I'd met Melissiah when I was five."

Scottish cabaret artist

Do you remember having difficulty with a certain subject back in school? If you're like me, you'll think back with a shudder to those bad experiences. But after I left school and discovered a learning system that could have helped me - along with thousands of other disgruntled students - I realized why the majority of teaching systems are old-fashioned, outdated and ineffective.

You need to hear everything I'm going to share with you. It's that important. The power of your mind is truly amazing. But unless that power is tapped effectively you just won't progress to the best of your ability. You simply can't afford to waste money on ineffective singing lessons.

Do you want serious results from your voice? Do you want learning to be fun and effective? Do you want to remember absolutely every significant detail you're taught in lessons? YES!

FACT: The choice is yours. VoicePower lessons are tailored exclusively to YOU through your personalised learning profile. A fun sixty second quiz in your first lesson will reveal how YOU can make supreme progress with your voice.

"A person who learns to work to a principle in doing one exercise will have learned to do ALL EXERCISES, but the person who learns just to 'do an exercise' will most assuredly have to go on learning to 'do exercises' AD INFINITUM."

- F.M. Alexander,
Founder of the Alexander Technique


What I'm about to tell you will really boggle your mind. Most singing teachers claim to teach 'correct posture', but the simple fact is, their knowledge of anatomy and muscle coordination is usually based on ignorance. How many of us have been told to "Stand up straight, head up, lift your chest, shoulders back"?

Researchers of acoustics (the science of sound) have made an astounding discovery that such commands are actually detrimental to good singing. IMAGINE THAT! Not sounding your best and struggling with your voice because you've been told the wrong things about how to use your body! But there's more. A further team of researchers made another groundbreaking discovery. They concluded that these outdated ideas on posture also contribute to poor mental attitude, lack of confidence and even performance anxiety or stage fright. How scary is that?

Just imagine for a moment how good a singer you could be if you had access to the RIGHT INFORMATION. What if you could find out the secrets to being in supreme control of your mind and body. Can you imagine;

  • Being an exceptional and inspiring performer?
  • Creating a genuine emotional connection with your audience?
  • Saying 'no' to stage fright and singing with greater confidence and self worth?

If these are your innermost dreams and desires then let me confess something: VoicePower will lead you to a fantastic new state-of-being. VoicePower incorporates revolutionary bodywork techniques to help you become a relaxed, happy and expressive singer. And it's amazingly simple when you know how!

PIE = Physiology is Everything

  • Learn the fun exercise that will instantly create a 'ring' or resonance in your vocal sound - even if you've never sung a note in your life!

  • The 3 essential elements to develop utterly astounding breath control - this will leave your audience breathless!

  • How to develop outrageous creativity as a vocal improviser to invent exciting and memorable solos

  • How to skillfully engage your audience so you can hold them in the palm of your hand

  • How to develop complete control over your vocal mechanism

  • Learn the long lost secrets to vocal agility and flexibility (developed over 300 years ago!) that will enable you to sing large leaps, fast runs or trills

  • How to develop an intriguing and rich vocal tone that will cast a spell on your audience

  • How one simple exercise you can practise almost anywhere will lead you to maximum vocal effect with minimum effort

  • How a couple of simple items found in your home could save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary singing lessons - you will be really surprised when you find out.

  • How to dazzle your audience with astounding voice projection

  • Learn the absolute TRUTH about vocal registers and the harmful myths other teachers propagate

  • How to avoid the number one mistake 95% of singers make

  • Learn the technique used by top performers to secretly penetrate the audience's mind

  • Learn the secrets of 'hand signing' to develop spot on accuracy to singing in key - even if you've been previously classified as tone deaf

  • Learn the clever tricks to singing harmonies for choir or band

  • Learn essential techniques concerning microphone use

  • How to easily and accurately assess your vocal progress and become your own best teacher

  • Learn the tricks of becoming a professional entertainer and keeping your audience on the edge of their seats

  • How to develop supreme confidence in yourself as a person and as a performer

  • How to develop the one essential element that record company executives look for in a singer

  • Learn to read music painlessly

  • Discover the five enlightening tactics to breeze through auditions

  • Discover unique vocal exercises that will allow you to master different vocal styles and vocal sound

  • How to maximize and make the most of your practise time even if you're on an extremely busy schedule

  • Discover the instantaneous key to making your voice commandable and your lyrics understandable

  • How to develop crucial singing elements while in the car, at work or out shopping - without anybody even knowing!

"I love VoicePower because before I came to lessons I thought I could maybe just hold a tune, but now I can actually sing and it's been interesting to see the developments in my voice."

- Melbourne club performer

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